Leadership Coaching

In today’s world the only constant is change. Change is essential for growth and to adapt to a rapidly shifting marketplace. Leaders are faced with complexity, uncertainty and market validity, leaders must stay ahead of their game to remain relevant and competitive.

It is therefore important that the pace of leadership development must exceed the pace of the business conditions to ensure long-term business. SPi helps leaders, through their deep expertise in leadership development and coaching, to assist the leader and his team to navigate successfully through these complexities.

Leadership coaching can facilitate productive change in leaders and their teams. We are dedicated to ensure that through coaching processes we equip leaders with the right competencies, capability and empowerment to balance the delicate situation between short-term profitability and long-term sustainability.

We help leaders to do all of this with a lower energy cost. Leadership coaching has emerged as the best way to help individuals learn to think and work together more effectively.

Leadership and Executive Assessments

Supporting better decisions, our leadership and executive assessments are used for selection, development, identification of potential and bench-strength evaluations. We assist our clients in making the right selection decision by better understanding the depth and breadth of the candidate leadership capabilities.

Determining bench-strength during acquisitions, for talent management, succession planning or change of strategy – we have the experience that goes beyond such measurement. We provide leadership coaching to help bridge identified gaps to help our client get the best of their leadership teams.

The assessment tools are customised to meet client needs and seniority, and our assessments are available online for convenience of our candidates. Various in-basket exercises assess competencies in a practical way.


On-boarding and Monitoring

Transitioning Leaders – At SPi we understand the increased complexity and performance expectations of leaders. This is even more so for newly appointed leaders – and the intent on delivering early in their tenure, they walk a fine line between success and failure. The cost of executive failure is high, even with the perfect candidate, there is no guarantee of success.

Organisations do their best to on-board new leaders, and SPi augments internal efforts with executive on-boarding coaching services.  This personalised attention and confidential coaching relationship leads to an open and frank dialogue. Where required, this support extends to team alignment intervention.

SPi offers the same on-boarding coaching to newly promoted internal leaders who have different challenges – but similar in many ways with a newly appointed leader. Through our professional support, ramp-up time, new leader turnover and direct report, turnover is reduced.

Team Evaluation and Organisational Alignment

In today’s modern era many organisations have teams as a core integrating structure to bring about shared meaning, innovation and collaboration. Regularly teams need to deliver across multifunctional and multiple stakeholders’ interest.

Though our team alignment process we help teams to be more cohesive, co-operative, have a single goal and understand their mutual purpose. All these factors are important for teams’ high performance.

SPi helps align organisation design to strategy. When people are in the right roles doing the right work the organisational performance improves.

Looking to align your leadership?

“Seek out people to work with who are brimming with talent, energy, integrity, optimism, and generosity.”

Martha Stewart, is an American retail businesswoman, writer, television personality and former model.